I am very proud of my team and my students, because they are rebellious and creative.

Share your thoughts! That social media don t allow female nipples to be shown isn           t social media  s fault, it          s society          s. You named these painters Chad and Alan, but they are more than that - they are every one of us. They reflect our society, a society of censorship and policing of females bodies. For social media policies to change, we must change. Concept & Photography: © Marius Sperlich • Make Up Artist: @joannabacas

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  • Una auténtica genialidad

  • Great. Very successful



  • Superior

  • As in the stadiums: To make the wave

  • Enough of puritanisms on Facebook!

    Excellent complaint

  • Very good

  •  . . . el hombre es un niño laborioso, que ha hecho del juego una sudorosa jornada. . . 

  • I have not seen any criticism of Facebook censorship as smart as this

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